General Water is a partnership between Canature and General Electric Company (“GE”). GE is a high-tech industrial company that operates in 170 countries, and Canature Group is a large Chinese professional “one-stop manufacturer” of residential and commercial water treatment systems and components. General Water has incorporated innovative water technology into the field of water filtration, creating unique and high-end products and solutions. We have been dedicated to bringing G+ life with smart, healthy and sophisticated products to consumers.

G+ Technology

IoT Enlightens
Smart Life

Our mission is to build a global healthy water ecology. We pioneer water technology to explore consumers’ living water environment and their demand for better water. General Water provides them with intelligent interconnection solutions with the aid of our innovative G+ platform in order to control the Whole House Water Systems via smart phone any time any where.

G+ Health

Technology Renovates
Healthy Water

We put water quality in the first priority. With our strong R&D team, General Water creates segmented and differentiated Whole House Water Systems. We innovate filtration technology to tailor smart water filtration products to areas with different water qualities . At General Water, we take pride in providing products with great quality to lead our customers to a healthy and happy water life.

G+ Aesthetics

Outstanding Design Creates
Spectacular Experience

Each product of General Water is made by experienced designers with extraordinary product appearance design that matches modern home. The innovative industrial design provides user-friendly product experience. General Water is always committed to the needs of our users. By doing so, General Water intend to provide consumers with more professional and convenient Whole House water experience.